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Unless you really like pillars ...

There are two kinds of people: those who are good in reading a plan and those who are good at many other things. Do you belong to the second category? Well, we’ll be happy to give you a few tips on how to choose the best spot on the floor plan.

Do you see a lot of black boxes on the plan? Those are most likely pillars. Stay away from them, unless you like pillars. Is there a lot of white in certain areas? That’s probably an unused area of the hall. To get there, you reach a dead end. Stay away! Do you see any kind of warning signs with “max.” in it? Probably a ceiling with limited load-bearing capacity - which means additional worries and costs when you want to hang a structure from the ceiling. So much for the bad news.

Now the good news is: whether a stand is good or bad is actually determined by what you want to achieve with your participation. If you want to demonstrate a new product and convince people, you have to make sure to address visitors at the beginning of their visit to the fair. Do you want to pamper customers with a snack and a drink? This is better towards the end of their visit. Are you searching for professionals who are keen on innovation? Make sure to have a spot near the seminar rooms.

When booking a stand you will usually have a choice between a handful of alternatives. Ask the exhibition organiser for an explanation about the floor plan: where are the most important entrances and exits? How do visitors come to the fair? Where are the catering points? Which areas are busiest at which times of the day? Where do the leading businesses in the industry have their spot?

The answers to the above questions allow you to rank the available alternatives according to the objectives you have in mind. As a young, relatively unknown player in the market you prefer a spot next to renowned companies. If you want to demonstrate an innovation or convince people with arguments, choose a spot in the ‘morning zone’ or near the seminar rooms. If the main purpose is to make it cosy for existing customers, make sure to select a spot in the afternoon zone and make sure you have enough seats for all those tired feet.

You can't quite choose the best stand for you? Contact the Franken team for a quick scan of your priorities and advice on the best stand.

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