Welcome to Franken

At Franken, we want to give back to society

Franken cares about nature.

Franken wants to treat materials, people and production resources responsibly.

In each phase of the production process, we keep our activities impact on the environment as low as possible. That’s how we ensure the most sustainable solution for your project.

Franken cares
about nature.
Franken cares about nature.

Sustainable design

From the very first sketch we are already looking for answers to the question of ‘what after the trade show?’

Can the parts be repurposed? Do we reuse the materials or do you provide them a second life? The most eco-friendly option is intrinsic to the design.

Sustainable purchasing

Franken works with a number of set suppliers that have a similar world view to our own. Businesses with heart – who treat people and resources responsibly.

Together with our partners, we look for more sustainable alternatives: better solutions for people and for our planet

Franken cares about nature

Efficient production

We prefer realising your project in our own workshop. Sometimes we have help from specialists to get an even better result.

By producing together locally we can reduce timing and production waste to a minimum. Ensuring we can always complete your project on time.

...And giving back to nature

Where we can, we give back to society and nature. For example, we stimulate biking to work. We also have an insect hotel – our contribution to biodiversity.

Did you know, we also support some charities?

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