Welcome to Franken

Where innovation and tradition go hand in hand

Welcome to Franken
Welcome to Franken
Welcome to Franken

Over a dozen people work together to make your project into a success story.

Our designers translate their creativity into smart solutions every day. Masters at their crafts that merge tried and innovative techniques flawlessly. Administrative forces that keep tabs on the timing and budget.

What do they have in common? A boundless passion for their jobs and an endless capacity for new challenges.

Everything on hand

Franken favours smart production. That means: each project is maximally prepared in our own workshop.

Our creators have all the parts to hand to meet the highest standard of quality. No fuss, no stress.

The result is a flawless and timely completion.

On point

Each Franken employee has their own temperament, but also one characteristic in common: an eagerness for novelty.

Each project is a new opportunity to use trendy, innovative techniques alongside our own know how to create a coherent and harmonious design.

The Franken team keeps its feelers out. This ensures a stream of new ideas and a dynamic company policy.

Innovation tradition

A clear vision

If we look at it backwards: the showroom where you’ll be receiving clients and the trade show booth, perfect for networking, start with a rough idea. Following this there are various phases, featuring different professionals, who turn this diamond-in-the-rough idea into a polished version, step by step.

Franken’s company culture stimulates each colleague to showcase the best of themselves, while simultaneously supporting craft mastery. We invest in people because we know it benefits your project.  Working on a project at Franken, is knowing that all of your colleagues are supporting it.

The transparent way we work ensures you, the client, has a clear view of each project phase.

Whatever you want!

What’ll it be? An innovative booth, an inspiring showroom or a stimulating work environment? Challenge accepted!

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