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If you want to stay updated as a designer, you have to keep an eye and an ear open for upcoming fashions and trends. Not by blindly copying them, but by giving them your own interpretation. With that idea in mind we started working on our meeting room early this year, to turn it into a real showroom.

When customers come in for an exploratory meeting, sooner or later a question will pop up starting with “Can you ..?”. That's the kind of question we prefer to answer with a resounding ‘yes!’ - you know what we’re like, right. It is even better when you can also illustrate this ‘yes’. And that's exactly what the new showroom does: wherever you look, you see design trends that have been translated into real things thanks to the craftsmanship of our team.

The new showroom annex meeting room is an intimate black box in which high curtains create a soothing and inspiring setting. At the centre of the room is a large round table finished with a marble laminate top and gold accents. It invites you to put your heads together and let (golden) ideas bubble up. A tailor-made bench runs halfway around the table and makes the link between the trend colours used in the carpet and the curtains.

Another eye-catcher is the vertical garden, which extends from the floor to the ceiling. The exuberant crawling on this green wall brings peace and relief to the space. Three baroque mirrors build a bridge to the outside patio. The natural light that flows in through the window merges in the middle of the room with the other light sources: a sophisticated chandelier and LED strips in the vertical garden and behind the bench.

The new showroom annex meeting room is above all a place that inspires: the look & feel is unmistakably Franken-creativity, the parts testify to the know-how and craftsmanship of the suppliers we often and gladly collaborate with. We will be happy to come up with more smart solutions for your project!

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