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Music at the stand? Don’t sing out of tune!

A little music at the stand? Sometimes that's a good idea. It creates a warm atmosphere and good mood, contributes to the overall experience and can keep visitors at the stand for longer. You need to do these three things to avoid being out of tune.

  1. Inquire: Some exhibition organisers already have a licence for the use of music. In that case you don't have to pay for a license again.
  2. Apply for a license: Since January you can apply for a licence for Belgium on the platform which covers both copyrights and fair remuneration. It is calculated in function of the stand area and the duration of the exhibition. Price: between €60 and €150. Click here for an overview of fees in other European countries.
  3. Make a playlist: Select about fifty suitable songs that match the atmosphere you want to create. Put these in a separate, downloadable playlist. Live-streamed music and internet radio contain commercials and are therefore less suitable as background music

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