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We were asked by Retec Instruments to convert an empty shell of a shed into multi-purpose office space in a very short space of time. What we thrive on!


If measuring is involved, Retec is the company for you. The company offers industrial measuring solutions of fifteen international brands that are used in all kinds of industrial processes where precision is key.

The company moved to an other location, that had been an empty shell of a storage shed but a few weeks before. Interior and spatial designer Willem Benoit – who is, moreover, a Franken alumnus – designed a stylish, multi-purpose office space and our team ensured that the entire transformation could be completed in less than a month and even aligned the activities of the external parties with regard to each other while doing so.

Flexibility was the keyword for this project. Our team first installed the partitions, next, removed all obstacles so that the plumber and electrician could get to work and, subsequently, took over again to finish the office spaces and to install the kitchen.



They opted for a flexible office area with twelve workplaces that was more than enough to cope with a considerable increase in staff. The compact canteen with integrated kitchen connects
seamlessly with the relaxation space. It can all be transformed into a meeting room, training room or cocktail 'bar' in no time at all.


The flexible workplaces meet the requirements and preferences of the new working method completely, but sustainable forms of commuting were also taken into account. If you cycle or walk to work, you will also find a sanitary area in the newly kitted-out building with toilets and a shower.

Thanks to the ingenious planning and a streamlined follow-up of the works, the Retec team could move into the new office spaces at the beginning of April as foreseen.

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