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Panel manufacturer EPCO was so devoted to its booth, the company gave Franken a special briefing: we want the same – but different and better! Find a clever solution to give our panels a prominent role in a fresh version of our existing booth. 

EPCO had quite a special briefing for Franken for the latest edition of Equip’Baie: make a more refreshing version of the existing booth concept, with maximum use of the materials already available. Rather than throwing them away, EPCO saw the start of a second life for the forex displays and the three-dimensional company logos in plastic, accompanied by its own sandwich panels. Franken developed customised metal frames, allowing for a seamless integration of the displays into the whole. The ingenious fittings made it possible to create varying volumes, for example for the somewhat isolated meeting space. 


In business terms, 10 years is a spring chicken. EPCO was looking for thorough refreshment, but at the same time, the highest possible degree of recognisability. The several booth elements and the displays were given a colour palette referring to the logo. The name of the firm, executed in three-dimensional letters, was displayed more strategically on the canopy and the most important wall, laterally towards the central aisle.

EPCO also meets quite some existing clients at Equip’Baie. Those clients are familiar with the assortment and the operating method of the company, and are mainly stopping by to catch up. The bar is therefore placed at a prominent location in the booth. The restrained and compact construction in a corner of the booth at two crossing aisles, ensures for the familiar faces of EPCO to easily find their way to some drinks and snacks without jeopardising the effective functioning of the booth.

Surface : > 75m2
Sector : Interior

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